KIT 410

FOR KART ENGINES of 60cc, 100cc and 125cc with CAST-IRON and/or NICKELED CYLINDERS

model: KIT410-MP60
model: KIT440-MP (*)

Practical portable kit, that includes all you need to hone kart engine of 60, 100 and 125cc with cast-iron and/or nickel-plated cylinders. The honing kit for cast iron cylinders, is composed by:

1x Plastic suitcase with shelf
1x Hone with manual expansion (◊)
1x Stone Set for Medium Finishing (100 mm length) 1x Stone Set for Finishing (100 mm length)
1x Cast Iron Truing sleeve (●)
1x Container with 500 ml of Oil for Honing
1x Technical Documentation

(◊) code CORRECT-410M – size Ø 41,5–51 mm for 60cc
(◊) code CORRECT-440M – size Ø 44,0–66 mm for 100 and 125cc (●) hole = Ø 42 mm for 60cc
(●) hole = Ø 50 mm for 100cc
(●) hole = Ø 54 mm for 125cc

→CAST-IRON: to order, use the following codes: (*) code KIT410-MP60 for 60cc cylinders
(*) code KIT440-MP100 for 100cc cylinders
(*) code KIT440-MP125 for 125cc cylinders

Unlike cast-iron kit, the honing kit for nickel-plated cylinders, includes the following abrasives:
1x Stone Set for Medium Finishing (100 mm length)
1x Stone Set of Diamond Stones for Finishing (100mm length)

→NICKEL-PLATED: to order, add the letter “N” before the capacity: (*) code KIT410-MPN60 for 60cc cylinders
(*) code KIT440-MPN100 for 100cc cylinders
(*) code KIT440-MPN125 for 125cc cylinders

click on the following image to open the PDF of the information sheet