LB 133

This honing system is versatile, of low cost and can be transported where the job is required. The machine is divided in two parts, one that incorporate the hone with relatives rotation systems, the expansion and adjustment of the abrasives and the other one that arrange a lubrication system and a work bench. The installation is very easy…. it is enough to mount the two parts on a suitable shelf or on a very usual work bench, to connect the refrigerant electric pump plug, to connect the machine at the domestic system (220V and/or 110V – Single-phase) … and everything is ready to work. The rotation speed, controlled using an electronic inverter, allows to have a range from 0 to 800 RPM. This allows the working of a wide range of diameters, in fact they are available hones from 9,4 to 139 mm. They are also available specific hones for kart and motorcycle engines for all displacements having the same abrasives and specification used in production and on races by some of most popular engine manufactures. Available diamond stones to hone nickel-plated cylinder liners.

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