It has been studied for little budget. The portable honing machine model LPM900, is a good alternative, above all for its low cost, to the manual hones to apply to the portable drills or bench drills.

Indeed, even if it is not an honing machine complete with all technical requirement, it however has the essential characteristics to obtain very good results so it is a good solution to hone motorcycle and kart cylinders.

The pedal switch for the operation of the engine, the Lateral Level that allows the dropping of the expansion to make easier the inserter of cylinder on the hone, the ring for the abrasives expansion putted in favourable position, arrange that the machine is very easy to use.

The tub to recover honing oil is an integral part of the machine structure and it has the capacity of 5 litres. The honing oil is fed by a mechanical pump connected to the engine by an OR ring with a properly sized. The refrigerant system is completed by two lateral splash guard panels.

Besides on work-shop, the little dimensions make easier the transport on vans so it can be used also on race.

The engine is fed at 220 Volt Single-phase, so it can be used with an usual domestic voltage or with a standard petrol or diesel oil generator. Available also for 110 Volt, 60 Hz Single-phase feed.

It has spindle clutch like Sunnen with a wide range of hones available: from 9,4 to 139 mm (*). They are available specific hones for kart engine with long and short stone for all displacement. They are available abrasives with the same specifications used in production and on race by some of most popular engine’s builders. They are also available diamond abrasives to hone nickel-plated cylinders.

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