This group includes
the mandrels to apply on the machine
for reconditioning I.C. engine cylinders
of the whole vehicles range,
from the cars to heavy trucks.

Mandrels type “CORRECT” for diameters included between 25 and 520 mm into the THREE versions:

  • “M” MANUAL: portable tool to apply on radial drills, electric drills etc. (pictures 20 ► 24)


  • “S” AUTOMATIC: tools to be applied on the vertical honing machines of the best brands: Berco – Robbi – AZ (picture 25), Delapena – Kwick-Way (picture 26), Sunnen – Berco DY (picture 27) AMC, Rottler.


  • “SR” AUTOMATIC REVERSE: tool to be applied on the vertical honing machines of Berco and Robbi; It allows the abrasives expansion without changing the rotation sense of the honing machine wheel (picture 28). 
capacity Ø 63 – 139 mm that can be expanded until 520 mm (picture 24 ► 27)


  • Mandrel type “CALIBER” (picture 33) for the diameter 67 – 150 mm (*) with the coupling system of stone sets (picture 34) – hone body (picture 35) Effeciemme exclusive

The range of “Automotive” mandrels is completed by the horizontal mandrels with clutch like Sunnen, type “COR” for blind cylinders (pict. 40), rods (pict. 41) moto and kart cylinders (pict. 42) and all that particulars that can be kept by hands:

  • COR380S for diameter 38 – 48 mm (fig. 43)
  • COR420S for diameter 42 – 70 mm (fig. 44)
  • COR630S for diameter 63 – 139 mm (fig. 45 ► 47)


  • ABRASIVES TO STEELS HONING, NOT FERROUS MATERIALS, CAST IRON, etc. in silicon carbide (J), aluminium oxide (A) with grit from 80 to 800 in different hardness (pictures 48 ► 54) 




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