The main characteristic of this machine is the removable tank and the little dimensions,
so it is easier to install it on work-shop van for the assistance on race.
The honing machine has a speed range included between 0 and 800 RPM thanks to
an electronic inverter that controls the main engine. This allows to have the more
opportune rotation speed according to the diameter to work.
The abrasives expansion is increased by the central frontal wheel while the
LATERAL LEVEL allows the dropping of the expansion to make easier the
insertion and the extraction of the cylinder from the mandrels during working.
The second wheel allows to change the cutting pressure of the abrasives;
the gravitational pointer allows to visualize the pressure in a range
included between 0 e 7.
The machine is completed by a tank to recover the honing oil with the relative electric
pump that can be worked by the control console,
anti-rotation bar, two lateral splash guard
panels, a non-return valve fitted on the honing oil feed
pipe and a pliable lamp.
The engine is 220 Volt Mono-phase, that works
with a standard petrol or diesel oil generator.
It is available also in 110 Volt, 60 Hz Mono-phase version.

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